Saturday, March 15, 2014

We live in Denmark now.

For a long time, it didn't really hit me that we were actually moving to Denmark.

Sure, David and I had talked a lot about moving overseas after finishing grad school, and I was excited when David interviewed for jobs outside the US, and I was VERY excited when he was actually offered the job in Denmark.

But even when he signed the job contract, it didn't hit me.
It didn't hit me when we started selling our furniture.
Didn't hit me when movers packed up and loaded the rest of our stuff in a giant shipping crate.

Bye stuff!
All the stuff going to Denmark.
Packages ready to go.

Even at our goodbye party, I had to remind myself that everyone was there...saying all this nice stuff about us...because we were moving OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  (Boulder friends, you guys are so great, and we miss you so much already!  Thank you for playing games about us, writing kind notes to us, helping us clean our apartment, loaning us a truck to move stuff, going to Stout Month with us, and showing us how awesome the past 6 years have been.  We love you all!)

And as we drove out of Boulder, it was sad and bittersweet and all those feelings you have when you leave somewhere you've been for a long time and leave people you really love, but I still couldn't believe that we were leaving Boulder because we were moving to Denmark.

Car packed full.
Bye Flatirons!

Bye Boulder!

Then, during the week we spent visiting family and telling everyone about Denmark (It's north of Germany and south of Norway.  The money is called kroner.  The weather is temperate.  The official language is Danish, but they speak English very well.), it kinda felt like we were just on vacation and would eventually go back to normal life in Boulder.

But then...on March 10, as I was packing my suitcases, it no longer seemed impossible.  I was packing these suitcases because I was getting on a plane to Denmark...TONIGHT!  

And it actually happened.  We live in Denmark now.  

To some degree, it doesn't seem all that different from just moving to another place in the US.  We're getting settled in our new place, locating the nearest grocery store, figuring out the bus routes.  But then, as we unpack suitcases in our little room, a commercial interrupts the music playing on Spotify, and the commercial is in Danish.  Velkommen til Danmark!


David's company found us the (very) small furnished apartment that we are living in now.  But the place is only temporary, and one of my top priorities here is finding us a permanent place.  Although small, the apartment is in a great location close to the city center and the fjord (  Hopefully, we will get some exploring in this weekend.

View from one direction.

View from the other direction.

View from the main room into the tiny

There is one main room with a small table, some chairs, a
bookshelf, the bed, and two wardrobes.  The kitchen door
is to the left in this picture.
Bathroom is just off the kitchen.


  1. You are one hell of a story teller

  2. I enjoy your writing style, and I enjoy your company even more! So glad you are here in Denmark :)