Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ready for the Super Bowl?

I don't have too much to say about this other than it wasn't exactly what I was expecting to see while checking the Danish grocery store ads.  I guess stores will use whatever occasion they can to sell more stuff.  And I certainly don't mind that Reese's cups are on sale.  But I can't say that I know too many Americans who eat the pizza burger (the thing for 18 kroner to the left of the BBQ sauce).

I also found it kinda funny that a little blurb was necessary (the paragraph on the right under the American flag) to explain what the Super Bowl is.  I guess the same would be necessary if an American grocery store was advertising about the Danish handball championship.

But the most interesting thing is in the blurb next to the beer bottle...the highest scoring NFL a Dane.  At first, I thought that I was not translating correctly.  But Wikipedia confirmed the blurb in the grocery store ad.  Morten Andersen (kicker) has scored more points in his NFL career than any other player.

I did not know this.  I'm not sure that the average American football fan knows this.  But after I saw this ad, I asked a few Danes about him, and they all were like "Oh yes, Morten Andersen, of course, highest scoring American football player.  Doesn't everyone know that?"

Well, anyway, this was just something that had me laughing a little.  None of the teams we care about are playing today so we'll probably be asleep before the 12:30am kickoff.  But I guess American football doesn't schedule its games for European fans.

Go Steelers!

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